About Us

Gabberdunes Hemp's Story

Owner and Entrepreneur Frank Best and trusted officers Adealiah & Ryan Kozimor have teamed up to create the perfect retail experience for customers looking to buy Hemp Products.

Coming from 6 years at Medicine Man, Denver, Frank wanted to continue to provide the highest quality Hemp Products for People and Pets at the most affordable prices on the market. In 2016 he started to build a legacy that relocated and re-branded.

Our Vision

From Veterans that have served our country to the child or adult that suffers from multiple afflictions, Gabberdunes Hemp wants to provide the most effective, highest quality products for health and wellness available anywhere.

Our Mission

To improve quality of life for people and pets worldwide. To educate about the health and wellness you can achieve and to help our customers understand the benefits of Gabberdunes Hemp products.

Numbers Behind Our Quality

There is a science to everything GabberDunes Hemp does for our customers and our business. Our professional, extremely knowledgeable staff will help guide you to the right product for your individual situation. We want you to reap the most benefits and we know each individual’s requirements are different.

Product Quality
Ease of Ordering
Ethical Practices

our incredible team

Behind the Scenes

Frank Best

“Providing the highest quality hemp products to people and their pets at a discounted price globally is my goal for this company.”

Adealiah Kozimor
Director of Operations

“Providing people with the tools to better their health is something I look forward to doing everyday. I realize how important hemp is for the world and hope to share this knowledge with anyone I can.”

Ryan Kozimor
Director of Sales & Marketing

“With my multiple years in hydroponic growing I thrive working with like minded people. I use my experience to work with a variety of customers in commercial and residential settings and I look forward to working with you!”

where it all began

Company History

An inspiration that turned into Gabberdunes Hemp. While brainstorming around the office with their Social Media Marketing manger an idea was born to offer Hemp Products directly through our Gabberdunes Inc. Company by creating a Hemp Division.

With our teams combined skills and effort a company that was just an idea turned into reality almost overnight with hard work and dedication. 


Launch of Gabberdunes Hemp

Launching Gabberdunes Hemp in Dover, Tennessee.


Research & Development

Examining the marketplace and looking for the best place to have a brick and mortar business and how it could benefit not just the community but Florida and the East Coast.


Founded Gabberdunes Inc.

Initially founded by Frank Best, the name Gabberdunes is based on his daughter's name Gabriella, who is the namesake of the company.